Jaime Gutierrez


As a former Director at INTEC Group, Jaime is now enjoying retired life from sunny Florida while continuing to support the team in variety of ways as his “hobby” (picking up golf was just not on his bucket list). Jaime brings 40+ years of experience and talent to our company which has been an invaluable asset to our team over the course of his 22 year tenure. He loves finding solutions to clients’ challenges and thrives on translating ideas on paper into real-world spaces.

Jaime attended the University of Maryland where he earned his Bachelor of Architecture. He is a registered Architect with the State of Maryland and the Commonwealth of Virginia. He is most proud of his organizational skills and his construction detailing knowledge. He believes in increasing customer satisfaction by delivering complete, well-detailed products that answer our clients’ needs.


In his spare time…

Jaime loves spending time with his grandchildren and enjoys capturing his family on film through photography and video. When he is not with his family he can be found traveling the world; he has been to many interesting places and enjoys sharing stories and photos from his globe-trotting adventures.

If he wasn’t working in this industry, he would…

Like to be a lawyer. His aptitude for debate has only increased over the course of his career which he attributes to years of practice working with code inspectors.