Meredith Goldberg, LEED Green Associate & WELL AP

Director – DC Office

Meredith is the Director of our DC office and does everything from laying out test-fits to developing business and cultivating the team’s client base and expanding our portfolio. She loves learning about other industries through their unique design needs. Meredith received her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Virginia Tech and is a LEED Green Associate and WELL AP. She was recently awarded by Leadership Arlington as an incoming Young Professional Class of 2014.

Meredith enjoys collaborating with her team: hearing their different opinions, helping them meet in the middle, and developing a compromise that turns into transformative design. Meredith finds inspiration in seeing people help others. It motivates her as a designer to help clients through the design process. She is always thrilled to see clients get excited about their new space.


In her spare time…

Meredith spends as much time with her friends and family as possible. She also loves exploring downtown D.C.

If she wasn’t working in this industry, she would…

Be a Redskinette. She loves sports, so she’d also love to play pro soccer.