Keith Switzer, RA, NCIDQ, CID

President/CEO – Fairfax/DC Office

As President/CEO of INTEC Group, Keith’s leadership continues to drive our firm to the next level in design. His passion and hard work have made a significant impact on the growth and success of our company. He oversees strategic direction and business development and, overall, maintains the financial stability of our company.

Keith’s 15 years with INTEC have made him an expert in understanding our clients’ needs. He’s proud that INTEC consistently creates inspiring spaces and has developed a reputation for excellence.

He’s also intently focused on developing INTEC’s talented team. He truly appreciates each INTEC employee and makes an effort to get to know each team member. He understands the importance of investing in professional development and encourages our staff to stay informed on the latest trends and best practices.

Keith credits his father, a steam fitter, for his work ethic. Growing up, Keith saw his father get up early in the morning, work long grueling days, and never complain. In college, Keith worked at various construction sites with his father, solidifying his passion for architecture and construction.

Keith believes in using design to enhance the human condition. His vision for directly improving people’s lives through transformative design and inspiring spaces serves as the operating principle for each and every INTEC project.

A self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit, Keith enjoys growing our business and stoking the passions of his colleagues. Seeing our staff get excited about projects fuels his drive to succeed. His talent for leveraging his employees’ individual strengths and creating high-functioning teams has been a key factor in our firm’s success.

Keith studied at Virginia Tech and earned his Bachelor of Science in Housing, Interior Design and Management (HIDM). He is a Registered Architect, is NCIDQ certified, and is a Certified Interior Designer in Maryland, Virginia, and DC. He is a founding member of both the Washington Executives Association (WEA) and the Real Estate Executive Services Alliance (REESA). He is also on the Virginia Tech Interior Design Advisory Board and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Executive Committee.


In his spare time…

He loves spending time with his wife and, in the fall, going to Virginia Tech football games with his family and friends. Whenever he has a chance, he enjoys riding his Orange County Chopper in the mountains.

If he wasn’t working in this industry, he would…

Still be an entrepreneur and manage a large or small business. Or live on a beach in the Caribbean. Or retire early and move to Blacksburg… presumably so he can watch more Virginia Tech games.