INTEC’s unique integration of architects and interior designers offers you the opportunity to obtain an interior space that meets your requirements every time. We use the knowledge derived from listening to your needs to develop an overall design that complies with budgetary objectives and yet results in pleasant and comfortable spaces.

INTEC provides everything you need to turn an empty shell into a vibrant and enjoyable environment by:

  • Selecting color schemes for your space
  • Choosing materials and colors for wall coverings, window treatments, floor treatments, and other finish surfaces, with an eye towards esthetics and function
  • Acquiring and installing new furniture
  • Refurbishing existing pieces
  • Selecting, recommending, acquiring and installing decorative items, such as artwork, lighting, and accent pieces
  • Developing a scheme for interior plantscaping
  • Serving you with our experience in selecting original artwork or commissioning pieces to further enhance your space
  • Customizing designs by one of our trained specialists, if you cannot find the right piece to complement your interior