At INTEC, we believe that proper forward looking planning and good design go hand in hand. Whether you need to build a new facility, renovate an existing one or provide for future accommodations, our emphasis on programming and proper management results in an INTEC design that works for its owners and occupants.

Master Planning

A master plan is essential in providing for orderly growth as well as avoiding costly long-range errors in development.

Site Considerations

Site analysis enables us to place a structure in the best location on your site. Considerations are made for ground coverage, access, parking and zoning requirements, soil composition, drainage and much more.

Building Design

We design your facility to meet your needs. Each stage of every project receives the attention of INTEC’s top management.


Complete construction drawings and detailed specifications are produced by our highly-skilled professional staff, to smooth the construction process and prevent potential problems. Necessary changes can be accommodated throughout the project. We’ll provide information on how those changes will affect cost, timetable and the quality of the finished project.


We’ll serve as your agent in soliciting bids and evaluating potential contractors to make certain that you get the best professionals for your job. Our Architects oversee all aspects of construction to ascertain adherence to drawings, specifications, compliance with schedule and maintenance of quality standards.