Zaw Latt

Associate Architect – Fairfax Office

In his role as Associate Architect at INTEC Group, Zaw supports the Project Managers and Project Designers. He has worked on restaurants, offices and technical spaces. He is thrilled to be a part of the wonderfully creative team at INTEC Group because every day offers new challenges. His thirst for knowledge and passion for architecture pushed him to pursue a career in it. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from Howard University, where he was awarded the A.I.A. Henry Adams Certificate. He is also an active Associate member of A.I.A.

Zaw’s work feels intuitive, which is a result of his design skills and attention to detail. Our staff appreciates both his creativity and his interpersonal skills. He fits in well with the team and is motivated to make every project a success. Zaw increases customer satisfaction by providing forward-thinking design solutions. To him, his best designs are a result of listening to the client, producing the work, and not losing himself as an architectural designer.


In his spare time…

He enjoys relaxing and touring the city. It helps him see things differently as a designer.

If he wasn’t working in this industry, he would…

Take a break from civilization and live on a remote island where he couldn’t rely on others or technology.