Stephanie Arbieto

Associate Architect – Fairfax Office

Stephanie, an Associate Architect at INTEC Group, collaborates with project managers and team members on our interior projects. She sees a variety of renovations, office spaces, and other designs through their entire cycle; presenting the initial concept to our clients, through the construction documents and administration phases. She learns quickly and enjoys solving the unique challenges each project can bring. Her team appreciates her ability to jump right in, ask questions along the way, and her willingness to take on responsibilities.

Stephanie attended the University of Virginia where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture. Her motivation continues through studying about the art of good design. She appreciates the intention behind designs – whether it’s an office or a locker room. She is inspired by graphic design, specifically how it can add clarity to ideas without using any words, and is still universally understood.


In her spare time…

She enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and playing board games.

If she wasn’t working in this industry, she would…

Teach literature or art, travel the world, or write about either food or architecture.