Josh Kieb

Associate Architect – Charlotte Office

Josh is an Associate Architect at INTEC Group and works closely with clients in our Charlotte, N.C. office. His strengths are focused on work ethic, reliability and problem solving skills. He is also artistic; Josh is constantly drawing and is skilled at building physical models. He uses drawings and other architectural techniques to effectively communicate his ideas to our clients and his team members.

Josh loves the thrill of a deadline. He feels excitement in watching the pieces come together after all of the planning that is done ahead of time; finding it gratifying to see the finished product. That pleasure he gets from planning and then seeing the built result spills over into his personal life as well. Before traveling, he studies his destination, believing that initial research helps him understand and appreciate the cities he visits even more. He often comes back with pictures and drawings that have inspired him professionally and personally.

Josh attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where he earned both his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and his Masters of Architecture.


In his spare time…

Josh enjoys both playing and watching soccer, playing disc golf, being outdoors, cooking, and brewing beers.

If he wasn’t working in this industry, he would…

Design and then run his own brewery/restaurant/bar. He would give it a cool vibe and thinks he’d have fun running one himself.