Cheri Sterling

Executive Administrator – Charlotte Office

Cheri is the Executive Administrator at INTEC Group and leads the administration of our Charlotte office. She telecommutes from her home in Missouri and travels to the Fairfax and Charlotte offices as needed. In the 22 years that she has worked for our company, she has seen firsthand the changes and progress we have made. She is thrilled to have been a part of INTEC’s growth and is excited about our future. Cheri appreciates the exciting energy of our offices and loves that there’s never a boring day.

Cheri is most proud of her people skills. Clients and colleagues appreciate her trustworthiness, loyalty and dedication. She consistently exceeds the evolving needs of our company. Cheri draws her inspiration from her faith.

Cheri Sterling

In her spare time…

She likes to do anything that involves spending time with her husband, their kids and grandchildren. Cheri and her husband also enjoy exploring the back roads with their four wheelers.

If she wasn’t working in this industry, she would…

Work with children who don’t have a family to care for them. She would work with neglected or forgotten children by helping to protect and care for them.